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Client Boobilicious

project period 02/2021

Method Interview research

Summarized We conducted an interview research with Boobilicious's customers to strengthen the connection between the product and the target audience.

How to connect a target group to a taboo-sensitive product?

Boobilicious sells breast oil. You may immediately think of a sensual product. But why do we have that association so quickly? Why do women have all kinds of products and rituals for facial care, but there is no such thing for breast care? The Boobilicious brand is committed to making 'breast care'  a common practice. With her product she wants to strengthen the connection of women with their femininity and thus their breasts. Boobilicious calls on women to develop a ritual of breast care. An additional benefit of a breast care routine is the repitition of a breast's checkup. 

Since the product encourages the development of a personal ritual and since breast care can be a sensitive topic, the maker of the product invited an independent party, Anthroconsult, to learn from the experiences of customers. We had open conversations with customers in which we discussed topics such as: product experience, motivation of purchase, personal meaning of femininity and ritual-development around the product. With the information we received from customers, we wrote a  brief report. We made recommendations on the important themes of the product. We also included many personal experiences and quotes from customers, so that the product becomes more from and for women.


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Review Boobilicious:

"Anthroconsult has made a very valuable contribution in determining the direction for the Boobilicious brand. Through qualitative interviews with users, we have gained insights into essential questions and within a sensitive taboo subject. The collaboration with Gabrielle and Vera was very pleasant and extremely professional , fast and to the point."

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