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The human behind Anthroconsult

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Gabrielle Bruggeling

During and after my studies in anthropology, I always searched for minority perspectives. Perspectives that are heard rarely, but add so much more wisdom to the perspectives we already know. That explains my research and collaboration with, for example, refugee people and people with a homeless status. But also my search to a sustainable society: we need different perspectives in order to 'do' different.

My belief is that we can only fully understand another person when we delve into their perspectives. Unfortunately, in our society we still don't do that enough. We are quick to proclaim judgments and create stereotypes, without actually having a conversation. People who want to create a change with or for each other must first get to know each other's framework. In the end, our society runs on human-beings. Solutions start therefore with a deep understanding of people.

I strive to stay curious by learning new perspectives. To keep asking the question: Why do we beleive this is normal? And can we also do it differently? I think these are crucial questions to build a sustainable society for people, animals and nature. We need to learn new manners and we can only do that by understanding why people do what they do. As an anthropologist I like to dedicate myself to that understanding.

From Anthroconsult, I work both alone and together with varying researchers. That is why I speak of 'we' on this website.

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