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Client Achilles X Tortoise

project period 09/2022

Method Netnography

Summarized We conducted an online entography to discover the interests of (potential) customers of Achilles and the Tortoise

When are customers willing to pay a fair price for your product?

Achilles and the Tortoise is a streetwear clothing brand that contributes to a new outlook on the clothing industry. From fast fashion to slow fashion. This includes fair pricing, fair working conditions and counteracting environmental harm. Because of the fair prices, slow fashion costs more than fast fashion. Therefore, the clothing brand needs to answer the following question to their target group:: "why pay more when you can also pay less?" To learn how the clothing brand can appeal to its target group, Anthroconsult conducted an online research.  Achilles and the Tortoise share below their experience with this research:

"For us anthropological research was a relatively unknown area and we did not know what to expect of the final result. But Anthroconsult completely astonished us. Our collaboration with Anthroconsult began with a brief but complex question: 'how can we address our target group effectively?' Our expectation was that Anthroconsult would advise us on how we could adjust our "tone of voice", along with some examples of appealing brands. Instead, Anthroconsult created a complete handbook for our overall strategy.


In a short period of time, Anthroconsult has fully immersed herself in the world of streetwear and sustainable fashion. This was done by  interacting with our target group through online discussion groups, researching similar initiatives and brands and conducting interviews with experts in the slow fashion field. The final report was composed in a creative and pleasantly readable manner. It consists of extensive background research, several checklists for keeping ourselves sharp, best practice recommendations and even some design concepts developed in collaboration with Studio Opgetakeld. In the report there are several text passages and visual recommendations we can use 1 on 1 in and for our marketing strategy."


We are incredibly happy with the research that Anthroconsult has done for us. It helped us to identify the core values of our target group and to better understand their selection process. Therefore, we recommend anyone who wants to strengthen the connection and interaction with their target group to contact Anthroconsult!”

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