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Silence and space
Target group analysis

Soulmate and Deltion college


Client Soulmate

project period 01 / 2022

Method Ethnography, with following methods: attending classes, interviewing students and teachers, observing use of space, experiment with students and teachers (VR experience of space), survey.


Summarized We conducted an ethnography at a college asking: what needs regarding silence and moments of rest do students and teachers have and how can you translate this into a space?

How to give 'room' to silence and moments of rest at school? 

Soulmate designs spaces, installations and experiences to provide people with moments of silence and reflection. The designs are made for schools, municipalities, libraries, public spaces and workplaces. In this case, the design was meant for Deltion college in Zwolle. The school wondered what the needs of students are when it comes to silence and moments of rest. Can a space contribute to peace and reflection during the busy days of students? And if yes, what should it look like? To find answers to those questions, Soulmate asked Anthroconsult to conduct research in this college.

To draw a complete answer to these questions, Anthroconsult used several research methods. A large number of students and teachers filled out surveys, we participated in classes, interviewed students and teachers about the meaning of silence and moments of rest to them (both at home and in school) and we observed how students use the different spaces in school, mainly the places that are meant for breaks. The most valuable method was to have students conduct interviews on their own (participant appraisal). This prompted them to reflect on the topic more deeply. The student's research results were included in the report. In addition, we discussed together with the group of students the interpretation of silence and possible quiet places at school. 


The final report provides insight into the student's needs regarding silence and moments of rest at school. Furthermore, the report gives recommendations on what a room of silence or a room for rest in school should look like. With this research, Anthroconsult was able to translate the student voice into actions for the school's management. With this report, Soulmate has provided a proposal of a res-room that meets the students' needs.



Review Soulmate:

"Anthroconsult works closely with and close to the target group and translates complex research results into a concise and understandable research report. Gabrielle works both on the location, conducts field research and thinks along how to record the process as well as possible. In this way she has helped us to develop and direct our projects efficiently. In the furure, we would like to imbed her expertise in our projects again!"

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