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Client Big Topics

project period 2021-2023

Method Interviews

Summarized Interviewing professionals and writing blogs about organizational adoption of methods from the circular economy.

How do we tell engaging stories in the circular economy?

To accelerate the circular economy, companies, governments and consumers must develop new ways of working and consuming. Personal examples can help those who are trying to understand how to develop these new ways. Big Topics is an information platform by and for professionals who dare to make sustainable transitions in their organizations. Anthroconsult has interviewed professionals about the challenges involved in sustainable transitions. about best practices and advices for other professionals. We translated this information into engaging blogs that were shared on the platform and on Linkedin. The focus of the blogs is the personal perspective of the professionals. With the blogs we give a face to the circular economy. A nice result of the blogs is, for example, the following: by putting organizations in the public eye, the conversation about sustainability internally has been stimulated even more. to shed a light on good practices, led to more connection between employees and stimulated the motivation internally.

Curious about the blogs? Click here.

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