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Client  Sparringseendjes

project period 02/2023

Method Workshop

Summarized Together with professionals from the circular economy, we explored ways to broaden perspectives around an issue.

How can we learn to listen to a minority perspective?

We organized a workshop for professionals in the circular economy. We practiced gaining new perspectives on a topic. In decision-making, it can be difficult to listen to a smaller perspective. It's, however, easy for us to defend our own opinion. Nonetheless, when we allow space for a smaller or new perspective, we might as well discover wisdom in it.


With the question "should nature be given rights?", we explored the perspectives surrounding this theme. The assignment was not to find a solution, but to make the perspectives as rich as possible. We started by bringing different perspectives to the table. Including small perspectives such as those of indigenous people, the nature or children. The workshop was inspired by Deep Democracy methods. By repeatedly asking if there is a "different point of view," the group started to look at this issue in a broader light. Thus, perspectives that otherwise remained unexplored came to the table.


The workshop was a good exercise for the participants to learn not to give an answer immediately, but to listen first. An excercise to explore other opinions and interests before decision-making. Eventually, you can make a majority decision, to which you will add the wisdom of the minority.

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