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Interbuilding Applied Anthropology


Client  Interbuilding Applied Anthropology

project period 01 / 2020

Method Workshop

Summarized We gave a workshop at the UvA in collaboration with Interbuilding Applied Anthropology Meetup on the theme of how to profile yourself in the market as an anthropologist.

How to profile yourself as an anthropologist on the job market?

Interbuilding Applied Anthropology bring anthropologists together to talk about all kinds of topics. The leading theme is always 'how can we best apply anthropology in society and what can we learn from each other?' Together, we organized an interactive session in which we talked about 'how to start a startup as an anthropologist'.  The following questions were discussed in the workshop: How do you frame yourself to others? How do you explain the value of anthropology in a business context? How can you convert academic knowledge into services for organizations and institutions? It was an open conversation, in which we shared our successes and learning moments. The participants provided us with a lot of feedback and new ideas. A very interesting session, wherein everyone, including us, learned something. In other words: a nice example of effective reciprocity!


Number of responses from the participants:


“Great interactive session. Good topics to talk about.”

"Well done! Cerainly brave and really cool of you to embark on such a journey.”

“Super inspiring session! I hope you continue working on Anthroconsult.

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